Thank you for your interest in becoming a PRIDE Nation Token partner!

We're thrilled about the possibilities of combining blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies with the pink economy's untapped potential, and we invite you to join us.

Become a Partner

As a business owner, you don’t have to worry about the volatility of blockchain and conversion. If a customer purchases a latte with PRIDE Tokens, you’ll receive it in your local currency. This is because we will offer technology to immediately convert the Tokens into your currency, which we will then send to you.
Just as it is with a customer purchasing an item or service from you in PRIDE Token, we will offer technology to immediately change the Tokens back into your currency. You’ll never have to worry about dealing with cryptocurrency on your end, only the currency you’re used to working with. 

It’s entirely your choice whether or not to participate in the program to immediately convert PRIDE Tokens into fiat currency (and we hope you do). But you are of course welcome to hold onto the Tokens. If you choose to keep the Tokens, it may benefit you if you have been interested in your business entering the world of cryptocurrency. Just understand if you choose this route rather than using the token to convert to fiat currency, you run the risk of being susceptible to the volatility of cryptoassets in general. 

We will provide a variety of APIs and products to use and utilize the PRIDE Token. But in the end, it depends on the particular needs of your business. We want to make using the PRIDE Token as painless as possible and integrate it seamlessly into your business. Please answer just a few brief questions for us and we’ll be happy to discuss your particular needs.
We will provide the required hardware for you free of charge. We will share designs for you to choose from as soon as we are happy with them. Please make sure to sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates in this area.
We will work with payment providers for customers to ideally just tap into whatever payment mechanism you are already using. We are surveying our partners right now to find the best way to get as many businesses connected to it as possible.
Our aim is for the PRIDE Token and associated tools to be so intuitive and easy to use that training won’t be necessary. However, we will have customer support available for you in case something goes wrong. We will also have staff on the ground in many cities around the globe.

Pride Nation allocates a portion of Pride Tokens ($PRIDE) yearly for the support of PRIDE Impact which is our support/charity scheme. Members of the PRIDE community who are Token holders will be able to propose and vote on projects for Token support in an open and democratic way. The causes to be supported will initially be proposed by the advisory board, with the goal of eventually putting that ability into the hands of Token holders. That way, PRIDE support can ensure that the causes being supported, both organizationally and financially, are ones near and dear to the communal heart of LGBTs.

The entire process will be publicly available on the blockchain so that Token holders and business partners will know exactly where the financial support is going. We intend for the financial support for and voting on Pride Support causes to be straightforward and transparent so that everyone involved can participate in the process if and when they want.